YEXIN Game Studio in shanghai China.

have a unique vitality, honesty, and sense of humor because they are born from a simple question – “what would be fun”?

It seems obvious, yet it’s often overlooked while developers overanalyze genres, demographics, marketing and monetization methods.  These days, how to sell a game is often considered more carefully than how to make it.

So instead, we ask: what would be fun to play, and what would be fun to work on?  As artists and gamers, we know that only a product that is exciting to work on for months and years at a time will draw out our strongest work, and make something unique and appealing.  If we make something that we’d want to play, it keeps us motivated, and draws out the best from us.

We firmly believe that through craftsmanship and attention to detail, our products will sell themselves.  We try to make games that we would play – we hope you like them too.

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